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You may have seen me around the gym,


I’ve been coming here for over a year. Here’s what you may not know. Ten or eleven years ago, I stumbled upon the blog of a gal out in California who was swinging a kettlebell. I liked her workouts – short & to the point, requiring only one bell and a small amount of space. This was before kettlebells had become mainstream, so finding them in a gym was challenging. I bought a bell, watched videos to learn proper form, and began replicating Tracy’s workouts on my own.


Two years ago, I had gained a significant amount of weight and I was ready to lose it. I knew that changing my eating would get me a smaller body, but that I also needed to work out to change the composition of my body – I didn’t want to just be a smaller version of an unfit me! I still had the kettlebells I’d purchased years before and knew from experience that with a small amount of space, one bell, and a small time commitment I could build a solid strength foundation while burning a pretty significant number of calories. Once again I did some Googling and used Tracy Reifkind’s workouts as the foundation for my own.


Using just one bell and swings as the foundation of my fitness routine, I lost nearly 50 pounds prior to joining Master’s Fitness. Today I’ve lost 75 pounds and I’m a regular around the gym, but I still use these routines. I can take a bell with me on vacation or grab a quick workout when life gets in the way of coming in to the gym - I’ve swung a bell in my mom’s garage, my office, and on my back porch away from curious dogs.


Whether you are new to kettlebells or are looking for something to keep in your proverbial back pocket when life gets in the way of a trip to the gym, I’d like to share some routines to help you build a base for high volume cardio kettlebell swinging. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have the ability to get in a strength & cardio workout on your own and build your own workouts to suit your needs and constraints.


I invite you to come along for some fun!

— Neca, client


I’ve been training at Master’s Fitness for roughly two years. Brad and Elle are top notch. When I first started I had some back pain and mobility issues due to the “desk job life.” We’ve worked through most of that and my back rarely gives me trouble anymore. They both have been super attentive to any issues I had performing the workouts and we would alter or replace certain aspects of them to meet my level of progress. The workouts are fun and they change daily so you never feel like you’re stuck in a boring routine. Using kettlebells you’ll definitely lose fat and gain strength working with them. When I first started I was nowhere near capable of performing a pull-up, and my push-ups were weak. Now I can hit 4-5 pull-ups and do sets of 25 push-ups, plus I lost 4 inches in my waist! I’d definitely recommend Master’s Fitness to anyone of any level of fitness looking for a great gym with great trainers.


— Brandon, client

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